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Fence Repair

Long Overdue Fence Repair!

Has Mother Nature and Father Time taken their toll on your wooden fence leaving you with an insecure, un-neighborly or embarrassing looking wooden fence?

Does your wooden fence gracefully rock to and fro with the slightest breeze leaving you with yet another weekend project of reattaching pickets and attempting to secure wayward posts?

Wooden fence pickets that are loose or broken may pose a liability for the pet owner whose pet tends to fiercely defend the owner’s property. Escaping through such pickets that have seen better days may pose a serious risk to neighbors and their children…a risk with potentially serious consequences.

Many HOA covenants require their residents to maintain their wooden fences in a reasonable fashion. Failure to do so can result in fines fully supported by the HOA’s legal firm.

Properly performed fence repairs can lengthen the time before the need for a brand-new fence is in order. From simply re-securing loose pickets and rails to replacing broken pickets or rails, wooden fence repairs do not have to be an overly expensive venture.

Replacing rotted broken posts is a definitely a worthwhile investment. One rotted post can place excess pressure on subsequent posts along the same run.

For some, the condition of their wooden fence may unfortunately necessitate the removal and installation of a brand-new wooden fence.

fence repair denver

If any of these examples pertain to your wooden fence, it may be to your advantage to speak with our professional team and see if we can assist you with your wooden fencing needs from simple post, rail and picket replacement to an entirely new wooden fence installation.

TIP: Due to the risk of frost heaving of fence posts during the winter in our area, it is strongly encouraged to set posts to a 3-foot depth which is deep enough to resist frost heave. While this can increase the cost of the post itself as well as the labor to set the post, a post set in such a fashion, will likely remain secure for many years to come. Treating the below ground portion of the new post with an environmentally safe preservative will also lengthen the life expectancy of the post.

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