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Wooden Fencing

Quality Natural Wooden Fencing Provides Safety and Security

Your home is your sanctuary where you go to relax, enjoy family and hopefully, allow your day to day stress to subside. Protecting those values as well as limiting intrusion into your sanctuary is important to maintain peace of mind. What better way to capture those values than through utilization of a quality wooden fence.

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New Installation
The fresh clean look (and fragrance!) of a new, quality cedar wooden fence is exciting. It defines what is yours, protects from outside intrusion and creates an excellent backdrop for beautiful plantings. Using quality materials along with proper installation methods, a quality wooden fence will endure for decades. A legal property survey such as a plat of survey must be made available to ensure the fence is installed within the boundaries of the client’s property. Relying on the layout of a previously installed wooden fence is risky. The cost to disassemble and then reinstall a fence that was incorrectly installed over the property line by mistake is substantial. A little time spent gathering the necessary information before construction begins may save serious headaches down the road.

The desirable values and functionality of a wooden fence is only as good as the condition it is maintained in. Replacing broken pickets keep undesirable intrusion out and that what is meant to be contained, in. Wooden fences that seem to shift with the slightest breeze leaving your once straight wooden fence looking more like a serpentine work of art may require that one or several posts be removed and replaced. Wooden fence repairs are generally very cost effective so there is little justification for putting off necessary repairs.

wooden fence repairCleaning and Staining 
Without proper care and staining, your fresh new quality wooden fence will in short time weather to a rather dingy gray color. Even if your desire is to have a gray colored fence to compliment the architecture of your home, it is best to clean and stain your fence to the desired color. Proper staining and sealing extends the life expectancy of your wooden fence. It locks in the natural oils and tannins that help prevent the wood from deteriorating prematurely. Cleaning and sealing will keep your wooden fence looking its best for years to come provided it is performed often enough to provide proper protection.

Feedback From Our Customers

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It was a lucky day for me to have Scott Sovlie design both my front and backyards. He was quick to observe not only the inside of my house and what the outside should be. He kept within my budget and choice of colors were great. I more than appreciated the prompt call backs when trying to get questions answered. I only wish I had more yards to do.
Mary Ann
Recently, we had good service by Scott Solvie. We're writing this letter to show our appreciation to Scott Solvie who has done a very good job in helping us have a complete backyard. Scott is such a very kind and reliable person. He is also responsible for his work. He always responded back to our requirements clearly in an explainable way. Since we both live out of state, Scott is the person that we can depend on. His reputation has built up a trust between us and your company. Because we were happy with Scott's work, we'll be glad to do business with your company in the future again.
Ben and Victoria

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