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Sprinkler Installation And Repair Services In Denver

Proper watering of your valuable landscape investment is crucial for optimum health and vigor of both trees, shrubs and lawn areas. A new system needs to be properly designed in order to be cost effective as well as efficient. Repairs need to be kept in check in order that valuable water is not wasted and so that plants continue to thrive. For expert assistance for all your irrigation and sprinkler needs please give us a call.

Emergency Irrigation And Sprinkler Repair


We are available 24/7 should the need arise where you are faced with an irrigation disaster or sprinkler system emergency. Our EMERGENCY NUMBER is (303) 994-4421. Should you have a concerning sprinkler repair need that appears to be an emergency, you may wish to consider simply turning your system off and watering with manual sprinklers until the repair can be performed.

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Sprinkler Startup and Activation
After a long winters nap, we can assist you with getting you irrigation system up and running while at the same time reviewing for needed sprinkler repairs. Our crews excel in their expertise of all irrigation systems making your sprinkler system startup a painless process and should repairs be required, are able to provide up front, fair and competitive pricing.

Winterization and  System Blowout 
As with our irrigation startup and sprinkler system activation service, we are professionals in making sure your sprinkler system is prepared for the cold weather of winter. Our crew will make sure that all components of your system have had damage causing water removed and advise you on making sure your system comes through winter in fine shape. Typically, repairs are minimal during the fall irrigation winterization and sprinkler system blowout process which means you save money and can then relax and enjoy the warm Holiday Season!

lawn sprinkler company near meIrrigation and Sprinkler Installation 
If yours is a new site with simply a barren, lifeless soil landscape in need of all the amenities of a true professional landscape, we can assist. Once a landscape design has been created, we can create and install an efficient sprinkler system to handle all of your lawn and plant irrigation needs. Proper style of irrigation heads combined with appropriate head to head coverage will keep your new sod looking its best. Shrubs and perennial flowers can be irrigated using several methods, each of which having it?s own benefits. We strongly encourage the installation of a ?Master Control Valve? also known as a ?Master Valve? which can prove invaluable should a small negligible leak develop or even a major irrigation line break that could result in a monthly water bill beyond all belief! Most new homes should have the irrigation stub out, provided by the builder for installation of the new backflow preventer. Ideally, there should be a dedicated, non-GFI outlet already installed in the garage or basement which will allow only the new irrigation clock be plugged into it. From there, we will handle all components of your new irrigation system.

Remodeling and System Updating  
Working with an older irrigation system can be frustrating and costly for the client. Many times, simple, lost cost irrigation remodeling and sprinkler system updating can reduce high water bills and bring peace of mind. The fact that we work with all irrigation manufacturers sprinkler systems, provides the client with the trust and confidence to request the one Denver sprinkler services company capable of handling every clients sprinkler system needs. We can review your entire existing sprinkler system and provide our expertise as to what direction you may wish to consider in the remodeling of your irrigation system. Being a full service landscape company, we will be able to assist you with any landscape repairs that may have arisen during the sprinkler service installation as well.

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Master Valve Installation  

It is strongly encouraged to include a master control valve with your systems irrigation installation or remodel. While it is a an added cost can be very valuable in protecting against excessive water bills due to a leak or stuck zone valve. Should a major leak occur, it can also protect your home/property against water damage as well from/on the exterior.

Custom Zones For Gardens and Flower Beds 
Annual flowers and garden variety plants, whether planted in the landscape itself or in containers have unique watering needs as compared to those trees, shrubs and perennial flowers in your landscape. Special irrigation system zones allow those unique watering requirements to be met resulting in healthier, more vigorous flower and or vegetable production. One fabulous feature of these independent irrigation system zones is that in your absence, while on vacation or simply away for an extended period of time, you can relax knowing that your valuable annual flowers or prized vegetables will be in excellent condition upon your return without having to trouble your neighbors!

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Drip Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems  
While not necessarily new, arid countries have used similar systems for years. Providing necessary moisture to plants is best applied directly within the root zone for maximum efficiency and minimal water waste. Such specialized irrigation systems are also ideal where over spray from spray style heads would be liability such auto dealerships or public walkways, etc.. Another attribute of subsurface and low water use sprinkler systems is that luxurious plantings of eye catching annual flowers do not become water soaked from over the top watering resulting in disappointing droopy flowers.

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