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Combining Beauty And Strength In Retaining Walls

Properly constructed retaining walls when combined with the strong durable products available today will endure the test of time. Well designed retaining walls can permit more usable space within your landscape as well as make landscape maintenance more manageable. With countless options now available, finding a style that meets your taste is easy. From a rustic, more natural look to a more refined, formal appearance, the choices and color options available will easily compliment any architectural style.

Retaining Wall Design

Designing a retaining wall requires that not only the basic shape of the retaining wall be considered such as whether a linear shape or a softer, more serpentine shape is desired, but issues related to overall safety and building codes be reviewed. If conditions permit, dividing the overall height of a taller retaining wall into several shorter retaining wall segments may be safer for children and pets but may also lend a less imposing appearance within the landscape.

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Retaining Wall Installation

For new retaining wall installations, it is imperative that not only manufacturers specifications for installation be followed, but local building codes and other special requirements be researched and complied with. Improperly installed retaining walls can pose a serious safety risk along with probable expense down the road to repair or the need to fully rebuild the retaining wall.

Retaining Wall Repairs

Unfortunately, repairs required to replace failed materials in a retaining wall or repairs for failed walls due to improper installation are generally not inexpensive. Removal and replacement of individual components of a retaining wall or an entire section that failed requires that the surrounding components be removed as well. This is time consuming work resulting in labor costs that unfortunately can climb upward rapidly. Electing to refrain from performing the repair on the other hand may jeopardize the safety of children, friends and pets. Knowing your retaining wall repair options is an excellent starting point.

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Natural Stone Retaining Walls

Natural stone retaining walls properly installed bring an elegant, soft and aesthetically pleasing appearance to the landscape. Properly designed and installed, they can be just as strong and long lasting as an engineered pre-cast block style retaining wall. Materials such as natural flagstone, irregular granite riprap and even random set large boulders are some of your options for a beautiful and fully functional natural stone retaining wall. If desired, your natural stone retaining wall can be designed to incorporate small plantings such as ground covers and perennial flowers or in some cases, pockets for trees and shrubs can be designed into your retaining wall concept. Natural stone retaining walls typically are more expensive than their pre-cast retaining wall counter parts due not only to material costs being higher but due to the labor costs in contending with inconsistencies in the materials themselves. The elegance of a well-designed and properly installed natural stone retaining easily warrants the added cost.

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Retaining Wall Installation and Repair

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