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Landscape Consultation

While we do offer free, no cost or obligation estimates, many times the client is in need of landscape advice and suggestions to either perform themselves in order to save money or resolve a problem that perplexes them in their landscape. This service is ideal for client who is about to install a new landscape or remodel an overgrown less than desirable landscape. We simply set up an hourly rate for this service as deemed necessary based upon the complexity of the clients wishes.

denver landscape design services

Landscape Design

Professional landscape designing for all scale of projects from a small perennial garden to an entire site is a an excellent way in which to begin a more complex layout in order to insure complete satisfaction when the project is completed. We begin with a Landscape Design Confirmation page which outlines and notes items the client considers to be of greatest importance within their design. We include our Landscape Design Proposal which outlines what is included within the landscape design process and the steps that will occur. Many projects can be phased in order to accommodate ones budget needs.

New Landscape Construction

Taking a barren canvas and transforming it into place of beauty, complimenting ones new home or business. All grades are first determined to be certain that proper drainage will be met and maintained throughout the construction process insuring drainage issues will not become an issue in the future.

denver landscape construction services

Landscape Planting


We specialize in designing with and utilizing tried and truly hardy trees and shrubs. While we have a vast working knowledge of many new and unique types and varieties of landscape plants, we feel strongly that plants that live and thrive are far more valuable and satisfying than plants that struggle and may perish a few seasons after installation. Our competitive pricing includes our selecting the plants from reputable wholesale nurseries, careful protection and delivery of your new plants followed by knowledgeable plant installation with full warranty for one full year, including labor.

Landscape Remodeling

This is where the opportunity to transform an older more typically overgrown landscape begins. Our ability to work with desirable site features in the landscape such as beautiful large trees, desirable plantings or flower beds as well as the homes architectural features separates us distinctly from a landscape company that can only work with new landscape.

denver landscape remodel

Landscape Lighting


Ambient low voltage lighting can turn your evenings into a beautiful sanctuary turning the days troubles into just a memory. Unique lighting that can include path lighting for safety, up lighting for accenting ones glorious trees as well as down lighting from up in your larger trees provide a moonlight style of lighting. With the new LED lighting available, low electric costs and extremely long lamp life make low voltage landscape lighting a great value.

Landscape Restoration

Similar to landscape remodeling, landscape restoration includes revitalizing existing elements in the landscape to bring back their previous attributes. This can include but is not limited to sod repair, rejuvenation pruning of overgrown shrubs and overseeding your lawn after performing specialized mechanical processes in order to thicken your lawn and bring back its curb appeal. Landscape restoration can you serious money as compared to landscape remodeling in many cases.

Landscape Grading


The heart of beginning a landscape project or the bane of a poorly installed landscape! Proper landscape grading will protect your home?s foundation and interior, permit trees and shrubs to thrive and make a sodded lawn a joy for children to play in. Landscape grading can also include use of new, highly efficient drainage systems as well as other common drainage features such as special, easy to clean downspout drain systems, French drains and drywells. Controlling water with all its possible negative characteristics within your landscape is of the highest importance. Neglecting existing problems can prove very costly during high rainfall periods or simply over time, causing plant decline and soggy lawn conditions.

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Stump Grinding

A mechanical process that removes the stump portion of an old or more recently removed tree below grade for a more aesthetically appearing landscape. While stump grinding does not completely remove the entire stump and roots, it does take the trunk down deep enough to so that shallow rooted perennials and groundcovers may be planted over the same area. Stump grinding reduces the risk of mower damage when a tree has been removed in a lawn area.

stump grinding services denver

Transplanting Valued Trees or Shrubs


Many plants that have endured the stresses over time have simply outgrown their current desired location or need to be relocated to a new on site location due to construction or other objectives. Such plants may also be considered to be moved to a new address location in order that someone continue enjoying their beauty. Large trees that can no longer be utilized on your property can be sold and relocated to another site for the new owner to enjoy?you are financially rewarded for your years of care while another person enjoys an instant landscape accent. A very worthwhile investment.


Applying either an organic bark mulch or stone mulch helps keep soil temperatures more consistent while reducing weeds in a landscape bed area. The use of special landscape fabrics should be utilized with stone mulch but can be considered optional when installing organic mulch types. The use of specialized pre-emergent and post-emergent weed/grass controls are available for easing the burden of controlling unwanted growth within your landscape bed areas if desired.

mulching services denver

Water Conserving Polymers


By incorporating these unique water holding crystals into your new planting area or mixing them into your planting mix for your annual flower pots at planting time, these polymers will quickly absorb moisture and release that moisture to your plants later. Whether it be a new home lawn, native grass or wildflower planting as well as any other plantings you are wanting to get off to a great start in their new habitat, polymers can save water and help your new plants thrive and prosper. Polymers maintain their ability to perform as described for approximately 4-5 years in the soil. Well worth consideration in a waterwise or xeriscape garden.

Sod Installation

Our sod installation service begins with high quality organic compost being rototilled into the existing soil in order to amend your soils moisture holding capabilities and aggressively reduce the negative aspects of our typically high clay content soil. We have excellent Bluegrass sods available as well as some of the newer more waterwise sods which fit well into xeriscape themes. We install the sod with close knit seams to reduce the risk of weed growth and to grow into a smooth pleasurable lawn to play and walk on.

sodding services denver

Native Grass and Wildflower Installation


Larger properties, where highly maintained sod areas would be expensive to install and maintain or if you are simply trying to keep your property looking as Mother Nature had intended, can be accommodated through having us grade and prepare the soil along with the installation of hardy perennial native type grasses and beautiful wildflowers. Having us maintain a mowed pathway through such an area will provide you with a scenic nature walk and a place by which to view your property from many different locations as your path meanders gracefully. Native grasses and wildflowers are very easy to maintain and quite cost effective to install when compared a more formal landscape installation.

Retaining Walls

Whether natural stone landscape walls or the new stackable precast concrete retaining walls, we can provide you with a wall that both fits your immediate needs as well as compliments your particular landscape style. All manufacture specifications are adhered to in the installation process as well as any specific engineering needs or requirements. Permits are obtained as deemed necessary in order to provide you with a landscape wall that will last indefinitely and is structurally safe. For your peace of mind.

denver retaining wall installation

Brick Patios and Brick Walkways


Elegant and fully functional with many styles to choose from make brick a great medium to utilize for your paving needs. We follow all manufacturer specifications and can provide many combinations of design patterns or color combinations within the project. Brick can be dry laid over roadbase and sand or hard set over a concrete slab if desired. Special sealers and application service is available to both protect and enhance your new or aging brick patio or brick walkway. Combinations utilizing flagstone in the design are also beautiful.

Flagstone Patios and Flagstone Walkways

For those desiring a more natural look, real flagstone can be utilized in your quest for an enduring yet subtle look for your flagstone patio or flagstone walkway. Once again, special penetrating sealers can be utilized to reduce flagstones natural risk of flaking while protecting it from general staining as well. Topical sealers, shiny, surface type sealers are not typically recommended for flagstone as they can make the natural stone appear fake, thus loosing that natural look. Flagstone patios and flagstone walkways can be installed utilizing several various colors and tones. Combinations utilizing brick in the design are also beautiful.

flagstone and patio walkway installation

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Fire Pits and Outdoor Fireplaces

Introducing the element of fire into the landscape brings an entirely new, intriguing and relaxing feeling to the evening. Landscape fire pits can be constructed utilizing natural gas, propane or simply allowing you to use natural wood for a real campfire feel. The same is true for outdoor fireplaces. We can match the architectural features of your home whether it be natural stone, brick or artificial stone as desired. Outdoor fireplaces have the added benefit of being able to screen unsightly views when designed into the landscape properly.

outdoor firepit installation

Wood Fencing


Utilizing premium quality natural cedar fencing components with complimenting hardware, we can custom build your wooden fence to meet your desires. Whether your wishes are to create a solid privacy style fence, a more neighborly, country charm picket fence or simply a short side yard fence for your pets use, we can accommodate your needs. Our gates a designed and built to last. We utilize screws versus nails in our construction so as to provide you with an easy way in which to repair your fence should the need arise, or when you find the need for additional access into your yard. For those who prefer their fence be stained versus allowing it to weather to a soft gray color, we provide many color options with our fence staining service.

Wildlife Gardens

The experience of inviting wildlife into your garden brings pleasure to many and is a natural learning environment for those younger visitors. Butterflies, birds and other desirable forms of wildlife can be attracted utilizing the concept of providing food, cover, water and shelter to raise offspring. In today?s urban setting, enticing some of natures creatures to your home may be just the thing during a quiet spring morning or one summer evening.

Real Stone Veneer and Artificial Stone Veneer


Real stone veneer is one of the most elegant and durable products one can utilize for their masonry projects. There are many shapes, colors and textures to select from. Natural stone will last indefinitely with minimal care and is a product of choice for many discerning clients. Artificial stone, also known as faux stone, is great choice for budget conscious clients. Products rival natural stone in all aspects and have the added benefit of being very easy to install. With some care, artificial stone (faux stone) will provide many years of superb beauty within your landscape.


Practical, durable and relatively economical, stucco is an excellent value when utilized as a coating for your new retaining walls, patio knee walls or columns. The texture can be varied from somewhat smooth to a more heightened texture, reminiscent of older, European architecture. The stucco can be custom tinted to your choice of color if desired. Compared to natural stone or artificial stone stone/brick veneers, stucco is very cost effective helping you keep within budget.

stucco retaining wall installation and repair

Spring Bulb Planting


Who does not enjoy gazing at newly emerging Tulips, Daffodils, Crocuses and other springtime bulbs, popping up when the temperatures are just beginning to warm and all other plant life is still asleep. From vibrant reds and yellows to pastel pinks, purples and all colors in between, spring bulbs are enjoyed by all. Many bulbs will last for years making them a great landscape investment. Planted in the fall, springtime bulbs develop roots until soil temperatures drop and then emerge in all their glory come spring. Springtime bulbs planted within perennial flower beds or shrub beds provide an extended season of beauty within your landscape.

Potted Flowers and Container Plantings

Just as your center piece of beautiful flowers brightens the interior of your home, so do elegant arrangements of potted annual flowers strategically designed and placed around your homes exterior. We can work with your color preferences as well as incorporate your favorite annual flowers into beautiful, eye catching accents that welcome your guests and lend that finishing touch to your summertime patio decor. We can utilize your own containers and favorite flower pots to create such masterpieces or we can supply the style and type of your choosing?Either way, we will provide you with that seasonal color and interest that you so enjoy from just before Mothers Day until just after our first frost.

potted plant care denver

Water Features and Fountains


The soft subtle sound of a trickling stream or the mesmerizing bubbling of a small fountain easily carry life?s tensions away with each passing moment spent in their presence. Mimicking nature?s rock formations both large and small, then combining with the most appropriate recycling pumps, each water feature is a work of art, unlike any other before. Even the smallest of landscape gardens have space to accommodate a small gurgling fountain. Smaller more confined courtyards, porches or private patio paces may actually accentuate the tranquil sound.

Waterwise Gardens and Xeriscape Landscapes

Colorado overall and each year remains a dry environment. Use of waterwise gardening techniques, otherwise know as xeriscaping, can be both beautiful as well as at the same time conserving precious water. Beyond those aspects come the benefit of actually reducing your water bill thus saving you money! Xeriscaping is not just a sea of lifeless rock laid upon the ground?It is a carefully selected palette of highly specialized plants that do not require excessive amounts of water to survive. Combined with proper attention to soil conditions, such plants will thrive and produce an awe inspiring landscape when designed appropriately.

denver xeriscape landscape designs

Drainage Repairs


Over the past few years, Colorado has experienced some of the worst flooding in centuries. From the fall floods of 2013 to the wet spring of 2015, more people have experienced water damage to their homes and businesses than ever before. While some damage could not have been prevented, most would have been reduced or fully alleviated had proper drainage mitigation been in place. Properly designed downspout drain systems, new technology French drain designs as well as utilizing water storage systems such as drywells can safely and legally protect one?s home or business from catastrophic water damage.

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