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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance Services in Denver

Having a beautiful and healthy landscape requires knowledgeable care in order for your property to look its best season after season and year after year. Trusting our teams to serve all your landscape maintenance needs eliminates the worry and bother from your busy schedule. Please call us today to discuss how we can custom tailor a landscape maintenance schedule to fit your budget.

Mowing Services

Understanding proper mowing techniques and maintaining equipment for peak performance contributes to keeping your carpet of soothing emerald green grass looking its best all growing season long! Pricing for lawn mowing service is fair and competitive. Our pricing includes string trimming without damaging your valuable plantings or other property. We blow of all surfaces when completed to leave your site in pristine condition. We vary the direction of cut each week in order to reduce unsightly mowing marks and directional growth of turf. We utilize smaller hand mowers for trim areas where the larger mowers may cause unsightly damage. Our blades are maintained at peak sharpness for a clean cut, reducing the risk of that ?brownish? cast as with a lawn mowed with dull blades. Our crews are trained, conscientious and understand what it takes to be considered a step above just a non-professional ?mow and run? service.

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Landscape Care And Detailing Services

Having the vast background and knowledge it takes to properly care for a valuable landscape takes time, training and a passion only true landscape care professionals exemplify. Our company?s Owner with his Client Services Representative have over 60 years of combined landscape experience between just the two of them respectively. Many of our service teams have individuals with over 10 years of landscape experience which when applied to your landscapes needs results in our ability to gain your trust and confidence ending in a property you will be sincerely proud of. Our landscape detailing service can be custom developed to focus on your landscape priorities. From detailed annual and perennial flower care to keeping your organic mulch fluffed and freshened, no detail is too small nor too large for our capabilities. Our landscape care programs and landscape detailing services can be scheduled as a weekly service for the highly discerning client out to where our landscape visits come near those time when entertaining is of greatest importance and the landscape needs to look its finest.

Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care

Attentive care for your valuable trees and shrubs along with knowledgeable lawn care techniques will keep your landscape looking its best throughout all four seasons. Our vast experience in both lawn care and tree and shrub care will also respect our environment by recommending only those feedings and pest care that are truly needed. We do not apply pesticides without thoroughly diagnosing the concern and then providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision on how best to treat the problem. We can tailor our lawn care and tree and shrub care programs to best meet your budget needs without burdening your pocket book with constant upselling of low priority treatments and services. Customized care for the individual means you get what you need, when you need it for your lawn, trees and shrubs.

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Fertilizing & Weed Control

We suggest that in order to best maintain optimum health,growth and appearance that a well maintained lawn be fed in such a manner as to consistently provide needed nutrients every 6-8 weeks. While higher in initial per application price, some of the newer, special timed release fertilizers can be applied at much further intervals while providing the same basic nutrient quality and value to your lawn. You save money with less site visits while your lawn is fed at a very consistent rate. We, just as you do, desire to keep our families, children and pets safe while respecting our precious environment.

Weed Control

Our broadleaf weed control program treats weeds on an as needed basis. We do not apply weed broadleaf weed control unless such weeds are present. It protects our environment while keeping your lawn care costs down. We will apply special crabgrass pre-emergent as deemed necessary if crabgrass has been a concern the previous season. Otherwise, our post-emergent crabgrass control is applied on an as needed basis as well. We apply all products safely as per manufacturers labeled instructions .

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Lawn Disease Management

Specifically centered around Necrotic Ring Spot.
While we cannot offer any single guaranteed remedy for this troublesome lawn pest, we do offer a series of services that can help reduce the unsightly scars and devastating affects of this disease. Aside from proper lawn care feeding, weeding and mowing, we offer the following services, each of which can lessen the impact of this patch disease when performed at the correct time and properly performed.
  • Core Aeration
  • Vertislicing/Dethatching
  • Power Raking
  • Overseeding/Slit Seeding
  • Gypsum Applications

Please note that we believe that proper maintenance and renovation services are far more valuable and dependable in fighting the affects of this disease than pricey and often poor performing chemical treatments. Ultimately, a well cared for lawn resists pest problems best.

Lawn Insect & Pest Management

As with dealing with lawn disease issues, the best way to keep your lawn rid of harmful lawn damaging insects is to properly apply standard routine lawn care techniques. Most lawn insects do not flourish when proper moisture is being applied and a stressed lawn is avoided. All lawns and landscapes can endure minor damaging insect populations. Should the population increase to damaging proportions, we can evaluate the safest and most effective methods by which to control them. Many times, gentle, more environmentally friendly products can be utilized to control the problem insects while at the same time keeping your family, children and pets safe.

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Feedback From Our Customers

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Tree & Shrub Pest Management

A few damaging insects noted on your valuable trees or shrubs is typically not cause for concern and a healthy plant can resist damage quite well without having to apply pesticides. When populations become such that damage is occurring readily, we will diagnosis the specific insect pest and suggest the safest most effective control measure available. As simple as it sounds, a simple spray with some typical household products such as Ivory Soap may be all that is needed to bring populations back into bounds.

shrub and tree pest control

Weed Control

While hand pulling of such weed growth may have its place under certain cases, the use of both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control products certainly can keep your prized perennial flower beds or vibrant annual arrangement weed free more effectively and in most cases longer. Products such a post-emergent Roundup Pro Max and pre-emergent Snapshot are very effective in helping keep your landscape beds weed free and beautiful. As with all pest control products we use, manufacturers label instructions are carefully followed to insure safe and effective results.

Lawn Aeration Services

We take pride in performing this valuable service in greater detail than do many of the ?cheap? core aerating individuals. Simply running an aeration machine over your property as quickly as possible does not provide the benefit that slower multiple pass core aeration does. Our standard core aeration service is performed by doing two slower operating passes in either a perpendicular pattern or double overlap where grades or landscape shapes make it difficult to go perpendicular. We strive to get a minimum of 4-5 plug holes per square foot. In cases where lawn problems dictate, we will perform three to four pass core aeration. When performed in the fall of the year, winters future freeze/thawing action in the soil will intensify the impact of a quality core aeration service by further loosening tight clay soils and reducing the negative impact of heavy thatch buildup. Core aeration can be performed in either spring of fall if desired or suggested. The cores should average between 2?-4? in size for maximum benefit. We will flag the clients irrigation heads in cases where the client is unable in order to prevent expensive irrigation repairs?the typical end result of those cheap ?run and go? aeration individuals.

lawn aeration services

Dethatching and Power Raking

Unfortunately, all three names of these highly beneficial services tend to get used interchangeably. Each actually has its own particular benefit in lawn care maintenance and lawn renovation. We offer all three services and can meet with you to go over which service may be applicable to your lawns particular needs. First, let us clarify what ?thatch? is?Thatch is that area between the soil and the top portion of the plant that is visible where a tangled web of stems, rhizomes, roots and leaf blade litter exists. It is that area of a roll of sod that allows sod to be rolled up while staying intact?It is not the green blades of grass nor the white roots?It is that area in between. To help clarify somewhat, please note the following simplified explanation and benefit?

  • Dethatching? An aggressive approach to dealing with excess thatch. This machine digs/cuts deeply typically bringing up larger amounts of debris requiring disposal. It is an excellent service where exposing greater amounts of soil for best soil to seed contact during lawn renovation rather than with either verti slicing or power raking. The existing lawn can appear quite disturbed but will recover with proper care. It is strongly encouraged to heavily overseed when performing this service. We strongly encourage that this service only be done in the cooler times of fall when the lawn can recover without the adverse effects of summer heat and drought.
  • Verti Slicing? Also referred to as vertical mowing, this service is similar to dethatching but utilizes sharper blades that are not adjust to cut as deep nor as aggressively as in dethatching. The amount of debris generated is much less and the stressed appearance of the lawn at the end of the service is significantly less. This is an excellent service where a lawn in relatively good shape requires the thatch layer to be reduced or a client wishes to incorporate newer, more improved varieties of lawn seed into their existing lawn. The service utilizes a two pass perpendicular system which scores the lawn down through the thatch layer without excessively exposing the soil beneath. Overseeding will perform quite well given the reasonable soil to seed contact being provided with this service.
  • Power Raking? This service utilizes a machine with hardened spring type wires that in a sense grooms your lawn by removing excess dead grass leaves and stems that have not decomposed naturally. Proper lawn mowing techniques such as frequent mowing so as not to leave excess tall grass clippings laying on the lawn can significantly reduce the need for power raking. Power raking, while appearing to be highly beneficial due to the amounts of debris generated is not as beneficial or as gentle to your lawn as verti slicing.

Fire Mitigation

For those who reside in areas where Mother Nature?s beauty abounds with beautiful native grasses, wildflowers and lush green Pine and Spruce trees, the risk of wildfire is an ever present concern. Insurance companies have begun to seriously crack down or even cancel policies of clients that do not fit their fire mitigation standards. Whether you desire to be proactive with your property?s fire mitigation or your insurance company has voiced its concern as to whether they will renew your current policy, our fire mitigation services can assist you with resolving those concerns. Fire mitigation can be one of the most physical and stressful activities a homeowner can face. The risk of serious injury or worse is a fact that cannot be minimized if inexperience or questionable health conditions exist. Our fire mitigation services can be arranged to provide any degree of assistance in order to best meet your budget needs.

denver fire mitigation services

Native Grass & Field Maintenance

Properly timed, mowing your native grass or grassy fields can not only reduce the risk of wildfire concerns but help increase the overall health and vigor of your grass areas. Very early spring or late fall mowing helps takes the place of Mother Natures natural fire that helps keep grasslands healthy. Routine mowing throughout the growing season is not typically recommended as native grass does react in the same fashion as your maintained lawn does. Native grasslands can also be sprayed for noxious weed infiltration such as Thistle, Knapweed, Mullein and other problematic weed growth. Applying proper weed control is an excellent way to prepare your native grassland for incorporating wildflowers.

Gutter Cleaning Services

With our experience in tall tree work, working off ladders at heights sometimes quite high, gutter cleaning and installation of gutter protection products is a natural transition for our teams. Our gutter cleaning service will carefully clean your complete gutter system including all downspouts. If a problem exists with a downspout drain that does not drain properly due to a clogged buried drain pipe or improperly installed buried drain pipe, we can propose either the proper cleaning for such a concern or propose a more appropriate method of running a downspout drain. Please understand that the best way to maintain proper drainage is through proper grading. Drain pipes, while they can be very effective when installed properly can be prone to clogging or product failure which can result in water backing up around your home or buildings foundation. The following links are included so as to improve your better understanding of downspout/gutter drains and also includes a link to the SlimGuard gutter protection system.

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Yard Cleanup & Hauling

Whether your landscape is just awakening in the spring or preparing for winters long nap, performing all the tasks that are needed to keep your landscape looking its best is imperative. Our standard landscape cleanup consists of such items as?

  • Raking/blowing of leaf litter from landscape beds, hardscape surfaces and turf areas
  • Cleaning of landscape lighting lenses
  • Cutting back of perennials flowers based upon plant variety (Ornamental Grasses only trimmed in spring)
  • Cutting back and/or removal of spent vegetable garden plants
  • Healing in/mounding protection of Hybrid Tea Roses with existing leaf/soil litter
  • Pruning back of Hybrid Tea Roses (Spring only)
  • Remove spent Annual Flowers from both landscape areas and ornamental containers and turn soil in same bed areas to breakdown through winter
  • Removal of Pine Cones and other similar type tree/shrub litter from landscape beds, hardscape surfaces and lawn areas
  • Removal of pet litter

Other, more personalized cleanup requests can be accommodated with ease. Our teams are also available for more general trash and debris removal should the need arise. Our pricing is presented as an initial estimate for the number of hours and amount of debris we believe will be generated. During the work if it appears more time will be required, we will call one hour prior to exceeding your original estimate to discuss the additional time required.

Evergreen Maintenance

Valuable Evergreen Trees and Shrubs require special attention during the winter in order to reduce the risk of damage or even full decline. In late fall we offer our anti-transpirant/anti-desiccant application designed to protect plants from excessive moisture loss. We offer special bracing techniques to insure that plants such as tall, narrow upright Juniper and Arborvitae do not break or succumb completely during our heavy wet snows. This also may be the time to apply special deer,elk and rabbit deterrents to avoid their damaging affect on your plants.

evergreen tree care and maintenance

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Plants never stop growing (though they will slow down in their later years)and that can be a great thing or a bane! We practice natural contour pruning which means unless your preferences are different, that your plants will be pruned (versus sheared unless otherwise noted) in a fashion to maintain the natural shape of the plant while bringing it into the size desired/requested. Shearing of plants is performed on a very limited basis due to the long term effect it has on the natural growth habit of the plant in question. If shearing is desired, please be sure to discuss more in depth prior to this style of care being performed. Fruit trees including many non-fruiting ornamental trees (Crabapple, Ornamental Pear) should only be pruned while dormant in an effort to reduce the risk of Fireblight. Some plants may require rejuvenation pruning in order to restore their healthy natural appearance. This service typically removes all growth down to approximately 6?-12? leaving only the more vigorous pruned stems. Pruning of plants that are diseased require that each cut be followed by disinfecting the pruning tool to prevent spreading the disease. Please note that we strongly discourage the ?topping? of trees.

Vegetable Garden Maintenance

As with the other elements in your landscape, your vegetable garden requires attention to continue producing your families favorite tomatoes, beans, peppers and pumpkins. Each season, whether it be in the fall of the year after a great crop has been produced or in the early spring before the latest seeds are planted, incorporating organic soil amendments into your gardens soil can produce great dividends at harvest time. Use of quality compost products, produced and supplied by reputable compost producers gives your garden the boost it needs each season to produce the healthiest, most nutritious vegetables for your family. We can add or remodel special irrigation zones that cater specifically to your garden. We offer specialty fertilization throughout the growing season for your garden tailored for optimum fruit and vegetable production.

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Winter Watering Services

It is extremely important that your young recently planted deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs as well as more mature evergreen plants have enough available moisture in their root zone in order to reduce the risk of winter desiccation. Please see the following links for more in depth knowledge?
If you would like our assistance this winter in keeping your valuable plants provided with enough available soil moisture please let us know. Combined with our anti-desiccant applications, your plants stand a much stronger chance coming through winter in top notch shape.
winter lawn care services

Holiday Lighting

What a great way to brighten up your home or business this Holiday by having us install your Christmas lights. Whether they be your lights or if we supply them, we can capture your vision to create that stunning display. Having our teams install those beautiful arrangements removes the risks to you inherent of climbing tall ladders as well as dealing with the snow and ice. We install the lights and take them down while you get to enjoy the season safely staying indoors with that hot cup of hot chocolate!

Landscape Lighting

Maintaining your low voltage outdoor lighting systems is vital if you enjoy that elegant nighttime ambiance. From troubleshooting concerns that arise to simply keeping the lenses cleaned for optimum performance we can handle it all for you. We can also assist with low voltage landscape lighting upgrades if you desire. Tired worn out fixtures or entire systems can be remodeled bringing an entirely new look and in most case more economical cost to operate system to your homes exterior.

landscape lighting maintenance

Wildlife Deterrents

Dealing with voracious voles as well as destructive love struck deer and elk can play havoc in your landscape. We take intense pride in the unique methods that we utilize to reduce the damage caused by these and other creatures. We do not use poisons of any type when attempting to deter wildlife. The risk to children, pets, neighbors and other non-target wildlife is far to great than to risk their use. We are able to utilize special fencing, nearly invisible to avoid antler or gnawing damage to your valuable trees trunks. Combinations of special aromatic as well as taste repellents can be applied routinely for damage reduction. We can even keep your potted Petunias from being devastated from the local bunny population by utilizing the proper methods. At a distance we all enjoy Mother Nature?s creatures. It is keeping them at their distance that makes our wildlife deterrent services worth their investment.

Yellow Jacket & Wasp Control

While we consider all wildlife to be valuable and precious, there are times where personal safety if jeopardized for ourselves, our children and pets can overshadow those values?While we believe in not using poisons of any type when attempting to deter wildlife pest concerns, there are times where properly used insect controls are needed in order to protect our families and pets. If you find that your railroad tie or timber wall that has begun to rot out has now become home to a swarm of Yellow Jacket Wasps or that half dead tree now harbors those same potentially dangerous insects we can assist in dealing with them and reducing their risk. SPECIAL NOTE?If you do experience either of the scenarios mentioned above or any similar Yellow Jacket Wasp activity, please be sure to keep yourself, your children and pets away from the nest site. Vibrations or disturbances created during play or landscape maintenance can cause the insects to swarm in order to protect their nest site. With multiple stinging capability, such a swarming attack can have devastating affects on the insects victims.

wasp and yellow jacket control

Tree Trunk Wraping


This service provides serious protection to your valuable trees trunk region by reducing the risk of frost cracking and sunscald. Please see the links included below for more information on these two serious concerns. Wrapping your young trees trunks or older more mature smooth bark trees such as Maple, Linden, Cherry, etc. can help keep your trees in optimum health and avoid damage that can be an invitation for insect or disease activity in the coming seasons. Please note that we suggest wrapping your trees trunks from the root flare up to the first set of branches in most cases. It is best to remove this wrap in the spring to avoid creating an environment where insects could feel protected. These are the links previously mentioned?

Water Feature Maintenance

Unless you enjoy keeping all that nasty smelly gunk at bay in order to maintain a healthy well balanced ecosystem within your water feature, then why not let us assist you. While a sterile, sparkling clean water feature without plant or animal life may be the desire of some, water features that abound with plant life, fish and other small creatures are what make most clients appreciate their aquatic retreat. Reducing the excess debris an other toxins that develop in such an enclosed environment will make for a much healthier ecosystem. Older water features that have become an eyesore and a undesirable swamp of sorts can be restored to a tranquil paradise once again. Whatever your water feature concerns are, it would be fabulous to spend some time going over what approach would be best to make yours a bountiful oasis of life and beauty. You may appreciate this link to more fully appreciate the ins and outs of caring for your water feature.

fountain and pond maintenance

Mulched Tree Beds

There is far more benefit to a properly sized tree bed or tree ring than most would suspect. Mulched tree beds or as many refer to as mulched tree rings can reduce tree trunk damage from lawn mowers and string trimmers. Sized accordingly, a mulched tree bed or tree ring can retain soil moisture within the root zone and moderate soil temperatures over the root zone for better health and vigor as well. Products that can be utilized can be either organic mulch such as shredded bark types or stone. Properly sized mulched tree beds or tree rings also allow for cost effective fertilizing for your valuable trees by allowing special fertilizers be applied over the actual root zone without worry of creating darkened green spots or worse in the surrounding lawn where such mulched tree beds or tree rings are not utilized. It is very important that when creating these mulched tree beds or tree rings to avoid allowing the organic mulch from coming in contact with the tree trunk itself.

Power Washing

Powerful cleaning available with and without special cleaning products are available to our clients when conditions call for such. From intense pressure washing of patios, driveways and walkways in order to reduce unsightly stains to more delicate cleaning and brightening of weathered flagstone features we can assist you with those needs. Our pressure washing service can be utilized prior to re-staining and sealing decks and fencing as well as before resealing weathered stamped concrete hardscapes. Garage floors can be pressure washed followed by special sealing to reduce the impact of winter salt and magnesium chloride damage. Our teams are also available to help with general household cleanup. From helping with cleaning out that cluttered storage shed or stuffed garage we can save you time and money. We can recycle many of the items that come from having saved too many treasures in your garage for so long and dispose of the remainder. You will finally be able to get your car back in that garage at last!

denver pressure washing services

Concrete Sealing


Decorative stamped concrete should be resealed approximately every two seasons in order to protect the integrity of the color as well to maintain that unique look. Sealer for stamped concrete can be a high luster or more of a matte finish whichever provides the final appearance you desire. This link will help you better understand your stamped concrete sealer options. Special traction controls that reduce the slippery nature of stamped concrete can be added to the sealer if desired. Another option for weathered stamped concrete projects where the color has diminished is to clean and seal with a color tinted sealer. This is a great option if the color has not worn excessively. This link will shed more light on this option.

Asphalt Sealing Services

Maintaining your asphalt driveway properly and routinely ultimately saves you money in the long run. While many homeowners and small business owners opt to perform the various services themselves, time can be very precious and the thought of working with the messy sealers and sealants can be a bit daunting. Our teams can assist you with protecting your investment in your asphalt. Here are a few helpful links to start you off in the right direction.

concrete sealing denver

Concrete Repairs

Many times simple repairs can be utilized when confronted with concrete problems versus full removal and replacement. Broken concrete steps in particular can present a real safety hazard. Handrails that are wobbly and unstable are very concerning and can be reset securely for safety. Please see this quick video that shows how we can handle such repairs for you? . We can also appropriately clean and seal (caulk) cracks and/or control joints in your valuable concrete hardscapes to reduce the risk of water infilt which can lead to concrete settling and/or additional cracking. Concrete trip hazards such as those where a section of sidewalk has settled can be ground with our special grinders in lieu of fully replacing the section(s) if the hazard is less than 2? in height. Last but not least, there are times where full removal and replacement of concrete is necessary. It is imperative that once the old concrete is removed and before the new is repoured, that the subgrade be fully compacted or replaced and then compacted in order for the new concrete to endure. Typically, our concrete removal and replacement projects and repairs include a 4500 PSI mix with both welded wire mesh and fibermesh reinforcement. Rebar can be substituted for the welded wire mesh if deemed applicable for an additional cost. SPECIAL NOTE?Due to our areas freeze/thaw cycles during the winter, we believe that it is not a worthwhile investment applying ?coatings? to resurface damaged concrete surfaces such as damage from spalling, etc. Speaking with the manufacturer of those type products routinely confirms that their guarantee does not apply to areas such as our that experience freeze/thaw cycles. Repairs for such damage are available, such as full grinding, polishing. Applying a densifier and final finishing with an appropriate sealer which creates an entirely new look while being long lasting. Please review these two links to get a feel for this option and see if it is something that you would be interested in

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