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Once thought to be only affordable by a select few, today?s multitude of brick paver styles can fit into virtually any budget. Paver styles and colors can be blended together for a unique and personal touch resulting in a beautiful and enduring landscape element. Repairs can be performed easily without having to remove the entire feature then reinstall.

Brick Paver Design

Developing a scaled design encompassing your vision of your paving project is the best way in which to begin your project to be certain your project will end with your complete satisfaction. A scaled design guarantees that the project fits within the allotted amount of space for the project. Scaled designs also aid in allowing for accurate takeoffs with respect to ordering materials thus minimizing the risk of running short or requiring more material once a project commences.

brick paver design and installation

Brick Paver Installation

Utilizing brick pavers from respected brick paver manufacturers with local Denver branches such as Pavestone, Belgard and Borgert allows for cost effective purchasing and ease in acquiring needed materials. All manufacturers installation specifications are followed closely in order that your project will endure the test of time. The typical backyard patio and entertaining area can usually be completed within a 1-2 week period.

Brick Paver Repairs

Ease of repairing damaged brick pavers is one very significant advantage over other paving methods such as a standard concrete slab when considering utilizing brick pavers. Brick pavers that have been damaged in some fashion can be removed individually or in sections depending upon the degree of repair required. The fact that each brick paver is set as individual entities allows them to move or shift slightly which in turn reduces the risk of damage versus other forms of paving such as a standard concrete slab which because of its lack of ability to flex many times results in serious cracking or other issues.

brick paver and walkway repairs

Paver Cleaning and Sealing

While brick pavers are typically considered to be relatively maintenance free, periodic cleaning helps keep them looking their best. It is very important to be knowledgeable as to what cleaner solutions are best to use on what types of stains, etc. Utilizing the wrong cleaning material could leave your brick pavers looking worse than when you began the cleaning process.


Sealing brick pavers under typical conditions is considered optional by many. If sealing is desired there are several styles of sealers that range from being non-detectable to more of a color enhancer through a high sheen wet look type. Depending upon exposure and the amount of traffic that the brick pavers receive will determine the frequency of a sealer needing to be applied. Under most conditions, applying every 2-3 years will usually suffice. It is imperative that proper cleaning be performed before applying any sealer. It is wise to keep track of the original sealer that was used as some sealers are not compatible with other sealer types. It is best to begin with a out of the way test spot to be sure there are no incompatible issues.

Natural Flagstone and Faux Flagstone Pavers

Many people think of pavers as being only those that have some resemblance to some form of brick. Pavers can also be natural flagstone or the newer faux flagstone products. More cost effective to use in lieu of natural flagstone, faux flagstone pavers can also provide an easier and more longer lasting installation due to the consistency and strength of faux pavers. Both natural flagstone pavers and faux flagstone pavers come in a multitude of sizes that allows for many options with regards to design and layout. Please note that we strongly encourage that natural flagstone projects be sealed with a penetrating, natural appearing (invisible once dry) sealer. The layered nature of most natural occurring flagstone can be prone to separation especially in areas where freeze /thaw conditions can occur.

flagstone and patio walkway installation

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